Culture in Zillertal

Tradition passed down through generations

Passion for music

The Zillertal not only impresses with its stunning nature but also with its rich cultural diversity. Tradition and customs are lived and nurtured here. From traditional costume festivals to musical performances and craftsmanship to regional specialty markets - the cultural scene of the Zillertal is as diverse as it is fascinating. Visit historical landmarks such as the numerous chapels and churches, explore local museums, and immerse yourself in the history and tradition of this unique region. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique beauty and vitality of Tyrolean culture.

Celebrating festivals

Tradition, culinary delights, music, and more


Music, Music, Music

The valley of music

Sound diversity

From traditional folk music melodies to captivating Schuhplattler dances to modern interpretations - you're right at the heart of Tyrol's music scene. In the numerous guesthouses and mountain huts, the sounds of accordion, guitar, and dulcimer often echo, accompanied by hearty singing and rhythmic dances. Throughout the year music festivals and events attract locals and visitors alike, offering a colorful array of musical performances to suit every taste. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of music in the Zillertal and be inspired by its diversity and liveliness.

Advent in Mayrhofen

A jewel in the heart of the holiday region